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She has won critical acclaim for her performances.

  • Her brisk footwork and posture perfect picture were both varied and vibrant. Her mime to the line, ‘Vedanai…’ was realistic to the core.”- The Hindu 


  • With a fine figure and face, the artiste for most part moved like a sculpture in motion.”- The Hindu 


  • The erotic element of the lyric was acted out with great care and restraint. She showed her maturity as an artiste in handling something as sensual as this Ashtapadi wherein, the longing of Radha for a physical union with Krishna is a theme so sensitive that it is no easy task to handle it. While through every nerve and sinew she could project the emotion of a lovelorn Radha, a virahothkantitha naayika, we had more than a glimpse of her control over the medium. She made the contrived look natural; she could bring out the devotion underlying mundane love” – The Hindu 

  • The energetic abhinaya coupled with footwork was a pleasure to watch after a long, long time. Kudos to the dancer for helping us to revisit such old time melodies flushed with rhythm and pristine beauty” – The Hindu 

  • Indu maintained a fine balance of nritta and abhinaya. The execution of the jathis was brisk and the adavus graceful. Verses in praise of Lord Shiva embellished with brief nritta segments and sancharis of Nandi as the player of the drum and the vehicle of Siva were effectively portrayed by the artist to establish her competence. The sthayi bhava showing the pining nayika cajoling, pleading, reprimanding and offering monetary compensation to the sakhi to be her messenger of love and bring Lord Muruga to her side was aesthetically presented. Kshetrayya padam “Chudare” in ragam Sahana brought forth Indu’s flair for abhinaya, which was presented in a convincing manner..” –

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  • Indu’s hallmark has been her amazing ability in expressional dance.” – The Hindu 

  • Indu danced her way to snatch everybody’s hearts.” (as translated from Prajavani & Udayavani newspapers)


  • Indu presented the varnam bringing out the emotions of the lovelorn heroine beautifully…. The Tulsidas bhajan drew appreciation from the audience…” (as translated from Mathrubhumi newspaper) 

  • The inner emotions of separation and yearning to meet the lover were remarkable...” (from Star of Mysore). 


  • Soulful performance…” (comments from Guru Smt.Padmini Ramachandran at IDA program. ) 


  • Indu received the ‘Kalatilakam’ award title and ‘Nrittavilasini’ title for excellence in performing arts 

  • She has acted in TVCs for Emami Sunflower oil and Pride of Cows premium milk brand. She has won ‘Best Actress’ awards at state and district level inter-school competitions.

  • “Indu’s hallmark has been her amazing ability in expressional dance…. It was a sheer delight to watch the four fine female so dancers – Bharatanatyam artiste Indu Santhosh from Bengaluru ” Shyamhari Chakra, March 24th 2017

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