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Student Showcase

Conceived, conceptualized and choreographed by Smt. Indu Santhosh, MARGAM is an annual event that showcases the exuberance, aesthetic beauty, rhythmic movements, geometric patterns and nuanced expressions of upcoming Bharatanatyam students of Vibhavana Foundation through high quality presentation. Margam envisages to:

  • To be an artistic platform to represent the rich cultural heritage of our nation 

  • To inspire the young generation to appreciate the art form and its possibilities

  • To create a transcendental experience for the audience

  • To enlist as a performance milestone in the growth and pursuit of the participating students

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Margam 2019

July 15th

A group of students of the foundation came together to raise funds for the cause of underprivileged children. They presented a Margam with live accompanying artistes. Prior to the performance, the students of the foundation along with their teacher visited Sparsha Trust at Nisargagrama and conducted a one-day Bharatanatyam workshop for the children. 

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Margam 2018


Margam 2018 was a successful platform for a group of students who underwent rigorous training for the same for five months. The students performed a Margam (repertoire) of Bharatanatyam to a houseful audience. It was well received and appreciated. 

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