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The Bharatanatyam batch classes are conducted in three different levels - Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced. We believe in providing space for students to grow holistically as thinking dancers. The classes focus on body awareness & conditioning, technique and the language of Bharatanatyam, culture and history of the artform, reading research-based books and literature, understanding allied disciplines like music, Tala and special training in the art of Abhinaya. Natyasastra movement classes are conducted separately. Individual classes are conducted for students who pursue the artform seriously. 

We understand and believe that there is no substitute for face to face learning. However, given the situation of the pandemic, we have started online classes as well there by enabling students from across the globe to learn Bharatanatyam.


Students are encouraged to ask questions, watch performances, engage in discussions and debates, involve themselves in various activities of Vibhavana Foundation there by facilitating their holistic growth and giving them hands on experience in all the practical aspects of the artform. We sincerely hope that learning this artform becomes a transformational experience for the students.

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For venues and timings details and admission enquiry please contact:
Email: |  Phone: +91 72592 07002

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Classes are held at our studio at Sri Shamanna complex,  New Tippasandra, Bangalore

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